A Century of Smoked Salmon

Our one-of-a-kind artisan smoke hole is the last of a dying breed. Made of reinforced wood in the classical style and on site for over a century, our smoker prepares fish using traditional, artisan methods.

We refuse to take shortcuts, and will continue to prepare slow-cooked, fresh wild-caught fish for as long as we stay in business. This means the smoked salmon you buy in-store will always remain delicious and fresh.

Cooked in the Artisan Style

Over the years we have refined our process to an art form. After hand-slicing salmon shipped in the same day from independent farms across the country, we always dry cure for twenty-four hours. We’ve found this is just enough to get the great results we’ve become known for, while keeping the fish as fresh as you need it.

After eighteen more hours over our pure-oak smoker, the salmon is ready for eating. Pay us a visit, and find out why our customers tell us time and time again that our artisan salmon is the best they’ve ever tasted.

The best smoked salmon I’ve ever eaten. I’ve been buying from Mattacks for years and pop in every week to pick up something to serve to the family. After buying fish from everywhere around Leigh, I still keep coming back.
Elaine, Facebook comment
I used to be a complete novice when it came to fish, but buying every week and listening to the staff’s recommendations has left me something of an expert. Just when I think I’ve run out of ideas I discover a new to dish to make!Mark, Customer feedback

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44 Elm Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 1SN

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