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Our shelves are stacked daily with the freshest fish sourced from all over the UK. Everything is seasonal and ready to take home and cook that day .

Our White Fish selection includes Cod, Plaice, Hake, Haddock, Cod Plaice and Haddock Fillets, Dover, Torbay Sole, Skate (cut into wings, middles, knobs and fillets), Rock Salmon and Rock Eel, Conger Eel, Monk Fish (fillets, cheeks and tails), Wild Halibut, Turbut, Gurnards, Whiting and Dabs.

Our Prime Fish selection includes Tuna Loin and Swordfish Steaks.

Our Oily Fish selection includes Mackerel, Sardines, Herrings, Sprats, Trout, Salmon, Bass, Mullet, Gilthead Bream, Snappers, Rays Bream, and Herring Roes.

Our Fresh Shellfish selection includes Mussels, Clams, Razor Clams, Crab and Lobster.

Because everything we sell is fresh, some of our selection is seasonal. So check out the Marine Conservation Society’s handy chart on your right to check when your favourite fish is available.

If something you like is out of season then drop by the shop and we’ll be happy to advise a tasty alternative.

Some really friendly guys who are always happy to recommend something new. I only come in every couple of months for something special and there’s always something new for me to take home and try. Jenny, Facebook comment
I’ve been living in Leigh all my life and used to come to the store as a boy. Always get friendly service and walk out with exactly what I came in for. Charlie, Customer feedback

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